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Why I'm Writing

Updated: Mar 27


I want to create momentum around hope, learning, growth. For myself and for others.


I hope to foster understanding and connection, antidotes to isolation and shame, for me and for others.

Pay it forward

During my most challenging times, the inspiration of other women sustained me. Some of these women are my friends in real life and others are authors I may never meet in person. I want to be for another what they were for me.

Share my story

I believe I’ve been given this life and these experiences for a purpose greater than myself. I feel a responsibility to share our unique story.


It’s enjoyable and cathartic for me to process things through writing.

Personal fulfillment

It’s fun and fulfilling for me to talk about these things in real life, so starting a bigger conversation about them online sounds even better.

How I’d like others to experience this blog:

I just want to share my journey--the triumphs and the trials. I hope others can glean what they can from it, leave what doesn’t connect with them.

It’s tempting to make generalizations based on personal experiences, but I’ve felt how alienating doing so can be. So, if I know of research that supports something I share, I’ll cite it. Otherwise I’m sharing whatever wisdom I have at the time based on my understanding.

Some topics I’ll cover: raising a child with special needs and a physical disability, trauma, grief, loss, fitness and wellness, mindfulness, spirituality, community, mental health

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